Our Roots

A Strong Foundation of Love and Trust

Alissa McLaughlin had a dream to go into the heart of the city to teach the kids about...
  • Healthy foods and making healthy choices.
  • Preparing healthy meals.
  • Mutual love and respect.
  • Interacting with each other in a fun and respectful manner.
  • Team building and team work.
After seeing Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and hearing about the school lunch program in Philadelphia, Alissa decided to embark on empowering kids to make healthy and delicious meals under budget. "It gives them the tools to survive, thrive and entertain, which impacts their entire families. The gift of food can be the gift of love when delivered properly” she says.

In March 2012 she made that dream reality with the creation of Small Fry.

What We Do ~

Every Saturday morning, Alissa and the Small Fry Volunteers bring healthy food choices to dozens of children ranging in age from 3 to 15, in the heart of Center City Philadelphia at the Marian Anderson Recreation Center. Alissa always tries to buy enough food each week to send some home with families.
Then for several hours, Alissa and company conduct cooking classes, teach nutrition, and prepare food with these children, many from families on fixed incomes. It is a passion for Alissa, who grew up in a family that valued the time they spent together around the dinner table. she has taken that love and is sharing it to change her community.
Alissa always tries to buy enough food each week to send some home with her families. During Thanksgiving, the day's lesson is topped off by sending each family home with a bag full of ingredients—onions, potatoes, stuffing mix, pie filling and a turkey—so they can try out the day’s lessons at home. 
Small Fry is about much more than just food. It is about helping children learn to interact positively, helping families establish healthy lifestyles, and strengthening a community. For Alissa and the Small Fry volunteers, it's about giving back and being the change in the community in which they live. 

Our Funding

Small Fry is funded through generous donor contributions and personally by Alissa, who runs a South Philadelphia-based event planning and management company called Radiant Matter. Ten percent of the profits from her clients are used to fund Small Fry.

For more information on how you can help,
please visit our Partnership and Helping Hands pages!

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