Family Is Everything

"Family is like music, some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song."

Alissa McLaughlin, the founder of Small Fry, grew up in a family that prepared and ate family dinners together. She says "my mom had to figure out how to feed a family of five in a way that was economical and that also met our needs. Eating dinner together created a closeness between all of us.” Exposing children in today’s on-the-go families to the nutritional and personal value of homecooking is the goal of Small Fry. Small Fry scores high with both parents and children.

 "It’s very nice,” says grandmother Joyce Phillips-Graves, of South Philadelphia. "They use real ingredients. And they do measurements!”

As Renonia Long takes a seat next to her 10 year old daughter, Jada, she confesses, "With the hectic schedules parents have today, it’s hard to find time to cook.” The Small Fry classes offer a fun way for the two to interact. Jada has discovered she’s good at cooking, particularly apple pie.

The Small Fry program helps children develop a healthy self-esteem, real life skills and hope for the future.

Take a look at what our family has been up to!  

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